Our Food

Have you ever tried Persian food? We offer authentic Persian food cooked by Derby's Persian community.

We also partner with other communities to experience food from around the world. Persian food is tasty and healthy; a real treat for any organisation booking our conference space, or looking for an exciting alternative to the boring old sandwich and pineapple with cheese on a stick!

If you want to book a meeting room, please contact Ali Neghipooran (a.k.a Farhad) our Development Officer.

kitchen view 1

kitchen view 2

Food-related news

FEE is now working in partnership with local churches to support the most vulnerable with food parcels. We work with FareShare and the British Red Cross to help make this happen.

We see Persian food at the centre of our Enterprise with plans to open a Persian Café in the future. So watch this space! You could soon be eating authentic Persian food in Derby! This will be a first for Derby and we are really excited to see this become part of our future activities.